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Let It Be Pots & More's Process

The customer selects word(s), symbol(s), logo(s) & color(s) that are significant to themselves and or the person they are gifting the piece to.


For example: The person selects the word "empower". The word is selected to remind the person why they started their new venture. "They want to empower the people around them which in return empowers themselves." The piece while beautiful on its own, now becomes full of intention, meaning and a daily reminder to empower.

Last year painting flowerpots is where I began my first step in healing. Painting with intention became my way of coping. I am grateful to have been able to create something so beautiful, meaningful and therapeutic. Just like that, my process was born.

For pricing, sample sizes and shapes please visit the pricing page.


Need ideas??? Click on the instagram icon at the bottom of the page. Even if you do not have an instagram account you will be able to view the work.

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