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To me Sheetz is MEMORIES. Memories of getting my MTO before school for my field trip in elementary school or getting to hangout at the Sheetz in high school, like we knew what independence was. “Everyone meet at the Sheetz at nine and we’ll go from there.” Sheetz is TRADITION like going as a family to Sheetz Christmas Morning for our free cup of coffee on our way to our cousins.


In college at Penn State Altoona, Sheetz was LIFE. After all, there was a SUPER Sheetz there…. mind blown . Since lion cash was accepted, I went there every morning for a large coffee mixed with French vanilla cappuccino and everything bagel toasted with cream cheese. In Altoona, Sheetz was even visiting the Sheetz Family Health Center when being sick and away from home. Sheetz DEFINITELY is….. bringing me back to life after a night of going a little or a lot  too hard. HELLLLLOO big bucket of fries, red Gatorade and mac and cheese.

As I have graduated from college and become an adult, Sheetz is where we stop to use the bathroom and grab our coffee on our way to tailgate at psu. This is where I adult and fill up my car with gas, sometimes if I am lucky with gas points that we earn at the local Weis.


Sheetz is LOYAL and has been there for me in all stages of my life like: stopping quickly for a pack of gum before a first date, or running out of red solo cups for a beer pong game, getting a cup of coffee before my very first teaching job, being able to walk to Sheetz after the blizzard of 2016 to buy coffee and keep from going stir crazy because I knew it would be open, buying a Pepsi slushy, combos and snacks before any and all road trips, making the Uber stop after a long night of drinking or just needing some comfort food after a long day of work (Italian Sub get in my belly).


Sheetz is COMFORT and accompanies my family and me on our beach trips every year all the way to North Carolina. I have a shy bladder and seeing that sheetz sign along the road ensures a successful pit stop.


When I think of Sheetz it just makes me smile, it’s like an old friend. No matter how long we go without speaking, we pick up right where we left off.

Imagine this design on a truck! Beep, beep!
or a coffee cup? A bag? Umbrellas to cover the outside seats? The possibilities are endless!!!

#sheetz #sheetzrunanddone #oldfriends #oneofakind
#sheetzislife #tradition #sheetzfreak #comfort #memories #loyal

This was a wonderful growing experience but unfortunatley I did not win. I was grateful for opportunity and gave me inpiration to dream big!  

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