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"We're dedicated to getting more women off the ground, and we want to aim even higher. Our missions is connecting people and uniting the world, and #HerArtHere allows us to connect women artists to the audience they deserve: the world.

The assignment: We'd like you to create a design on the canvas of a Boeing 757 plane." United Hub- Her Art Here

For more information regarding the contest please visit:


My art and my life is all about trusting the process. Last year painting flower pots is where I began my first step in healing. Painting with words and intention became my way of coping. I am grateful to have been able to create something so beautiful, meaningful and therapeutic out of something so ugly. Just like that, my process was born. A picture really is worth a thousand words so please visit my process page on my webpage to get a better idea of my process and how it works.  

For this desgin I started with United’s logo, “UNITED”. Then I added the word WE. When combining them I got UNITED WE. I started to think about what our ideal world we be like if we were actually united. Here is a list of words and phrases that I believe are powerful and universal. United We: are brave, are strong, respect, transform, are heard, listen, solve problems, trust, love, are kind, travel, connect, are vulnerable, build relationships, tell stories and are NOT ALONE. If you look closely at the template submitted, you will be able to see that these words connect the shapes and space together.

​I For the video posted below I had to talk about these four points. 


1. Why should you be given the opportunity to paint your design on one of our Boeing 757 planes?

2. What’s your connection to California or the New York/New Jersey region?

3. What inspires you?

4. Why does female representation in the creative arts space matter?


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